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20lbs -The Pub Night Box

20lbs -The Pub Night Box


The Pub Night Box 20lbs

  • Chicken Wings (5 Lbs)
  • Chicken Fingers (5 Lbs)
  • Farmers Sausage Hot (5 Lbs)
  • Burger Patties 6oz (5 Lbs)
  • Product Description

    The Pub Night Box from Nutrafarms Express caters to those looking for convenience, taste and a good time. 


    Designed for a party but often used in convenient and stress free family meals, this box is versatile, savoury, and suitable for many occasions both big and small.


    Chicken fingers are a staple of kid’s dinners, and these are a favourite to many of the Ontario families we deliver to. Equally popular at get-togethers are the 5 lbs of Premium Chicken Wings, 5 lbs of Hot Farmers Sausages, and 5 lbs of Burger Patties.

    All of the products in the Nutrafarms Express Pub Night Box are Ontario Foodland Certified and raised without the use of added hormones, added growth promotants or global medications.


    If you are looking for an Ontario-raised meat delivery option that can offer limitless recipe possibilities, click the add to cart button now and have a Nutrafarms Express  Pub Night Box delivered to your door!



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