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Nutrafarms Express Locally Raised Ontario Meat Delivery - Local organic farms and farmers


Since 2001, Nutrafarms has been working with family farms all across Ontario. By partnering with a core group of local farmers, we are able to provide Ontario residents with grass-fed beef, pastured chicken, and cage-free pork delivered directly to their homes.


Our core group of farmers works hard to provide the highest quality food possible, but follow strict protocols on how to raise animals using traditional, ethical, and humane methods. We pride ourselves on the quality of our Ontario-raised products, so when customer demand and seasonal fluctuations require that we source from other farms, you know that you will still be receiving the drug and chemical-free meats.

Grass Fed Beef

Since 1843, Dave Noble’s family have been letting their cattle roam and graze freely on their land near Creemore, Ontario. Their main focus when raising cattle is to ensure the animals have the best quality of life possible, with next to no interaction with the farmer and absolutely no form of confinement, aside from the property's vast fence line.
“Grass Fed Beef” refers to cattle that have eaten grass and foraged on pasture throughout their lives. The cattle spend the winter months eating dried grasses (hay) and or fermented grasses (haylage). Noble’s farm never uses artificial growth promoters, added hormones or global medications. Instead, the cattle eat the pesticide- free grasses that grow naturally on the land. 

Pastured Chicken

The first and only Local Niche Farmers licensed by the Chicken Farmers of Ontario, Chad and Dorothy at Caughlin's farm provide a unique environment for raising chickens. Using fresh air portable shelters, the birds are moved to a fresh pasture every day. There they forage for bugs, grasses and legumes whilst their manure in term fertilizes the ground for the next time the shelter comes.
The birds are outside on pasture 24 hours a day for over half their lives. This is different to “Free Range” where chickens must have merely access to the outdoors. Access to the outdoors can mean as little as having a small door on a traditional commercial chicken barn. Chad & Dorothy place a huge emphasis on the environment their birds are raised in and the feed they consume.

Certified Humane Pork from Nutrafarms

​Our pork farmer, Stewart Skinner, has designed pig farming methods that combine traditional farming with the best parts technology can offer, such as increased, thermostat-controlled ventilation. His family truly cares about the animals they raise and they take great pride in their work. Their animals are raised in open-air barns with bedding (usually straw) and are never put in farrowing cages.

It is a “farrow to finish” operation, meaning that the animals spend their entire lives on the same farm. This type of closed operation reduces the risk of cross-contamination across farms and therefore reduces the need for medicines. No antibiotics are added to their feed or water.
Our Certified Humane Pork has been passed 3 separate third-party audited programs that prove that the animals on our farm are raised in the way we claim.

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