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15lbs -The Staples Value Box

15lbs -The Staples Value Box


The Staples Value Box

  • New York Striploin (5 Lbs)
  • Chicken Breast Bone In Skin On (5 Lbs)
  • Lean Ground Beef (5 Lbs)
  • Product Description

    The Staples Value Box from Nutrafarms Express contains a selection of products perfectly suited to both indoor and outdoor cooking.


    Our Pastured Chicken Breast is raised on Chad and Dorothy’s chicken farm using unique portable shelters. These shelters are moved daily giving the birds access to a fresh pasture of bugs, grasses and legumes to feed on. These birds are outside on pasture 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for over half of their lives.


    Our chicken breast is especially popular at BBQs because the bone and skin result in much juicier meat. When added to the grass-fed New York Striploin and Lean Ground Beef from Dave Noble's family farm, you have quite the selection.


    All of the Nutrafarms Express Staples Value Box products are Ontario Foodland Certified and raised without the use of added hormones, added growth promotants or global medications.


    If you are looking for an Ontario-raised meat delivery option that can offer limitless recipe possibilities, click the add to cart button now and have a Nutrafarms Express Staples Value Box delivered to your door! 



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