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Carnivore Box

Carnivore Box


5 lbs Beef Short Ribs

5 lbs Ribeye

5 lbs Bacon

Whole Chicken

5 lbs Salmon

10 lbs Ground Beef

5 lbs Plain Chicken Wings

5 lbs Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs

Cheddar Cheese

Sea Salt

MCT Oil 

Ketone Test  Strips 

  • Disclaimer


    Limitation on Nutrafarms Carnivore Box Purchase

    Please note: There is a limit of one Carnivore Box per household. If you wish to continue on your carnivorous journey and require more products, we invite you to visit to place a larger-scale order. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to serving you.

    Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability for Nutrafarms' Carnivore Program

    Before commencing any diet or nutritional program, including the Carnivore program, you are strongly advised to consult with your healthcare provider. Dietary needs and reactions can vary among individuals, and your healthcare provider can provide guidance tailored to your specific health condition and needs.

    Nutrafarms makes no representations, warranties, or guarantees, express or implied, regarding the results or outcomes of the Carnivore program or any other diet. Users partake in the Carnivore program or any other diet at their own risk.

    The Carnivore program is a high-protein dietary regimen. Nutrafarms will not be liable for any adverse reactions, illness, or health complications that may arise from participating in the Carnivore program or consuming products associated with it. If you experience any symptoms or feel unwell while on the Carnivore program or any other diet, you are urged to immediately seek medical attention and consult your doctor.

    By choosing to participate in the Carnivore program or consume associated products, you acknowledge and agree that Nutrafarms shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary, or other damages arising out of or in connection with your participation.

    Please proceed with caution and prioritize your health above all else.


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